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The C. G. Jung Society of Queensland

March 2008 Event


Living in two worlds:

Communication between a white healer and her black counterparts


A presentation by Dr Robert Schweitzer




Thursday 6 March, 2008, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

St. Mary’s House, Cn Merivale and Peel Sts, South Brisbane

Members and concession: $5; non-members $10




Jung first wrote about the notion of "archaic man" in 1933, in which he compares conceptions of contemporary human experience with that of "primitive man".   His ideas were based, in part, upon his own experience of visiting Africa and his observations of what he termed "the psychic reality" of the people he met.  The proposed presentation will involve an interview between a research colleague I worked with over many years in Southern Africa, Dr Vera Buhrmann, and Mario Schiess. During this interview, Dr Buhrmann, who was a practising Jungian analyst, shares her insights in relation to the work of indigenous healers in a particular region in Southern Africa. These experiences have a direct relationship with Jung's earlier writings. The presentation includes the role of dreams, ritual, therapeutic practice and the idea of being "called".  Many of these concepts continue to have salience in our own work with clients. I will discuss the interview within a didactic format.



Robert Schweitzer is currently Associate Professor in Psychology at the Queensland University of Technology where he runs the clinical program.  He spent many years researching indigenous healing in Southern Africa and is currently researching healing in people from African backgrounds who have entered Australia as refugees.  In addition, he continues to work as a therapist in private practice.



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