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The C. G. Jung Society of Queensland
Newsletter January - March 2006

The C.G. Jung Society of Queensland




Newsletter                                                                       January - March 2006, No 46



President’s Letter


Jung Society Venue and Logo




Dear Reader,


During 2005, the committee considered two questions: whether to move to a new venue for our monthly meetings and what design to adopt as our logo.


What Venue?

Although St. Mary’s Parish Centre has served us well for many years, we have found on a few occasions that not enough chairs were available in which case we had to borrow thirty chairs from the St. Vincent de Paul centre next door: a stressful task fifteen minutes before the meeting is due to begin. The room at St. Mary’s is now set up as a conference and office room during the daytime. On arrival, we have to fold and put away heavy furniture before setting out the chairs for our meeting. Currently, a section at the back of the room has been closed off for use as a temporary office and is not available for our use although this is not expected to be a long term situation.


We examined several venues as alternatives including: the Parish Centre at Rosalie, the Theosophical Society on Wickham Terrace, the Rosicrucian Centre in Norman Park and the Quaker Meeting House in Kelvin Grove, the one which generated the most interest. As I manage the renting of the Quaker Meeting House, I have to declare my own preference for it. I feel that it is genuinely a better venue for our needs. Among other advantages, it is easily accessible by car and public transport, it is a quiet and peaceful location, parking is available on site and on local streets, the octagonal room is amenable to discussion in circles, separate kitchen facilities are available. We have already conducted a couple of our events at Quakers and those who attended thought very highly of it as a venue. The main drawback is the lack of air-conditioning although the surrounding forest provides a natural cool-air filter which maintains a reasonable temperature in all but the most extreme weather.


Some members feel that the current venue is still best for our needs and fear that attendance at our meetings might fall off at a new venue. St. Mary’s is close to the South Brisbane train station and the Cultural Centre bus station.


We would appreciate your views on choosing a venue. Please write or email me at, or Anne Di Lauro at, or contact any of our committee members with your views.


What Logo?


The committee has been searching for a suitable logo for our society. We explored some ideas among ourselves and we were fortunate also to have input from professional graphic artist, Rick Caskey.


  Starting out looking for a theme, we went with a suggestion from Anne Di Lauro about a turtle image as appropriate for Queensland and somehow representing the Jungian interaction with the sea as the unconscious. The turtle is associated with myths from many cultures around the world.


We see the search for a logo as a creative process for our society. To move the process forward, we wish to invite you, our members, to offer your ideas for a logo. You might like to develop our turtle idea further but you do not need to restrict yourself to it. Send your drawings, ideas, doodles or oil paintings to any committee member or to our society address, by mail or by email. If you feel artistically-challenged, why not describe in words the kind of image that would convey a sense of what our society is about. Please do not hesitate to offer your ideas. In the Jungian process, all offerings are welcomed and honoured. Try to get your responses in by the second week in February but later offerings will be taken into account.


Perhaps we will adopt a suggested idea as is or perhaps we will take several member suggestions (with their permission) and develop them further in consultation with Rick Caskey. We trust that we are in a creative process and, beyond this invitation, we will wait to see how the process unfolds.



Best Wishes,



Frank Coughlan







Upcoming events at the Jung Society


February 2006

Explosion or whimper?


  Risk, passion and vulnerability in spiritual leadership


A presentation by Jeff Power


Preceded by our Annual General Meeting


Thursday February 2, 2006

AGM 6 pm

Presentation 7:30 – 9:30 pm

St. Mary’s House, Cn Merivale and Peel Sts, South Brisbane

 Members and concession: $5; non-members $10


I have a feeling in my bones that there is a possibility of a creative religious explosion occurring in the next millennium with the ancient land of Australia at the centre of it…M. Charlesworth 1991


Australia has been on “the edge of the sacred” for some time now, yet for any number of reasons can’t seem to take the next step that might lead to a creative religious explosion. What can those of us of Jungian inclination bring to this dilemma? Have we too been seduced by rationalism and materialism? In what ways have we tamed or toned down the radical implications of Jung’s vision to fit in? What do the Gods have to say? Especially the unlikely trio of Hermes, Pan and Jesus? Is it time for us all too run away and join the circus…? Roll up, roll up, and join me in an evening of risk-taking, passion- invoking, and vulnerable- foolishness.


Jeff Power is a therapist and writer who harbours a secret desire to be a street performer. He is stubbornly optimistic about the future of Australia. He has degrees in Creative arts and Analytical psychology.        



Annual General Meeting  6 pm, Thursday February 2, 2006


             Report on the year’s activities and financial report

             Election of a new committee

             An opportunity for members to give feedback and suggestions.


At the beginning of each year, all positions on the committee become vacant.  Some who have served on the committee for a number of years have announced their intention not to stand again. The positions to be filled are:



Secretary (currently divided into Committee secretary and Membership secretary)


Newsletter editor

Person responsible for publicity

(It is suggested that this year the task of arranging events will be shared among the committee members.)


If you would like more information about what is involved in these positions, please contact one of the current committee members listed on the back page of this newsletter.


Thank you to all those who have contributed to and supported the Society in the past year:

The speakers, the members, the committee members;  those who arrive early or stay late to help set up and clear the room and clean the kitchen; Ghislaine Salter for bringing tea, coffee and biscuits.


March 2006



That Wicked Apple and Other Thoughts


A presentation by Mignon Halford


Thursday March 2, 2006, 7:30-9:30 pm

St. Mary’s House, Cn Merivale and Peel Sts, South Brisbane

Members and concession: $5; non-members $10



The talk will be based on the Research Dissertation and images completed by Mignon Halford for the Master of Analytical Psychology course at the University of Western Sydney.


In December 2004, Mignon decided to take an apple into a job interview to use as a prop. The interview was for a position of Child and Family Community Nutritionist/Dietitian.  The ‘thought’ to take an apple into the interview appeared in her mind unannounced, without a clear stratagem or intent to gain employment. 


Her Dissertation titled That Wicked Apple examines her thoughts and actions tin bringing in the apple; the role the Master in AP had in broadening the imaginative mind; what a Jungian sensibility may have to offer in a Public Health setting; the history of the apple, it’s appearance in myths, stories and folklore and its role in seduction rather than just being a list of components that are good for you.


As Mignon reached the completion of the Dissertation, she realised that most importantly the Masters in AP had enabled her to publicly declare the value she places on her inner life. As she had commented to another student ‘I have been wanting to do this course since childhood.’




Mignon Halford B.Sc. Honours, Post. Grad. Dip Nutri & Diet, M. Anal. Psych is a Dietitian and Nutritionist specialising in Paediatrics. She started her undergraduate studies at UNSW then completed her Dietetic training at the University of Sydney.  She has worked clinically in a number of health systems in NSW for several decades. More recently she completed her Masters in Analytical Psychology at the University of Western Sydney.  Her efforts in this course earned her a place on the Dean’s merit list for 2003.  Mignon also has an interest in the art and science of Astrology and has given adult education classes in Astrology. Creative work is also an interest; especially in the way creativity benefits the mind to explore thinking and feelings.  She graduated from the School of Colour and Design in Sydney in 1986 and has assisted her designer husband in preparing notes and images for teaching purposes. Images have featured in her University work at Western Sydney. Mignon has been a member of a number Jungian Societies since the 80’s, starting with the Sydney Jung Society and more recently the C.G. Jung Society of Queensland. Mignon is influenced by the work of Dr Craig San Roque, a Jungian Analyst and lecturer at UWS and his Sugarman cultural project.  In the future, Mignon will be exploring ways to expand thinking in the way our culture thinks and feels about food.










Course : Introduction to Carl Gustav Jung’s Inner World


Marie Makinson, a Jungian analyst who lives in Northern NSW and who spoke to us about animal symbolism last October, has offered to run a course for the Byron Jung Society introducing Jung’s basic ideas. We have approached Marie about offering a similar course in Brisbane in the second half of the year.


The aim of the course is to develop a deeper understanding of Jungian thought through Jung’s original material and by considering its relevance for contemporary Australian society.


The course, as it is envisaged for the Byron Jung Society, would consist of 10 sessions, each lasting 2 hours, probably on a weekday evening, roughly once a fortnight. Topics would include ego, self, structure of the psyche, persona and shadow, conscious and unconscious, anima and animus, the transcendent function, alchemy, synchronicity, individuation.


Selected texts from Jung’s collected works would be photocopied and distributed beforehand and discussed in the group, with perhaps a short presentation from a member of the group. The group would be small, with around 8 members who would need to make a commitment to the entire series.


The exact cost has not been worked out yet but will probably be around $300 for the ten sessions.


We need to determine the feasibility of running such a course. If you are interested to participate or would like more information, please contact Anne (35 11 01 67;






From the Librarian

Marie Sinclair:


Inner-City Books

Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts


The following new books from Inner City are now available.



Bauer, Jan                                             Alcoholism and Women: The Background & the Psychology

Birkhauser-Oeri, Sibylle                     The Mother: Archetypal Image in Fairy Tales

Brinton Perera, Sylvia                          The Scapegoat Complex : Towards a Mythology of Shadow and Guilt

Carotenuto, Aldo                                  Eros and Pathos: Shades of Love and Suffering

Covitz, Joel                                            Visions of the Night: Jungian and Ancient Dream Interpretation

Dourley, John P                                    A Strategy for a Loss of Faith: Jung's Proposal

Edinger, Edward                                  Encounter With the Self: William Blake’s Illustrations of The Book of Job

Edinger, Edward                                  The Christian Archetype

Edinger, Edward                                  Goethe’s Faust : Notes for a Jungian Commentary

Edinger, Edward                                  Transformation of the God Image: An Elucidation of Jung’s “Answer to Job”

Edinger, Edward                                  The Mystery of the Coniunctio: Alchemical Image of Individuation

Edinger, Edward                                  The Mysterium Lectures

Edinger, Edward                                  The Aion Lectures

Edinger, Edward                                  Science of the Soul

Furth, Greg                                           The Secret World of Drawings: A Jungian Approach to Healing through Art

Gardner, Robert                                   The Rainbow Serpent: Bridge to Consciousness

Hall, James                                           Jungian Dream Interpretation

Hall, James                                           The Jungian Experience: Analysis and Individuation

Hannah, Barbara                                 The Inner Journey: Essays on Jungian Psychology

Harding, Esther M                               The Parental Image

Harris, Judith                                        Jung and Yoga

Hollis, James                                        The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning

Hollis, James                                        Under Saturn’s Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men

Hollis, James                                        Swamplands of the Soul

Hollis, James                                        Creating a Life: Finding Your Individual Path

Hollis, James                                        On This Journey We Call Our Life

Jackson, Eve                                        Food & Transformation; Imagery & Symbolism of Eating

Jackson, Graham                                The Secret Lore of Gardening: Patterns of Male Intimacy

Jackson, Graham                                The Living Room Mysteries: Patterns of Male Intimacy

Jacoby, Mario                                       The Analytic Encounter

Mcneely, Deldon Anne                       Touching: Body Therapy & Depth Psychology

Mcneely, Deldon Anne                       Animus Aeternus

Meredith, Margaret Eileen                 The Secret Garden: Temenos for Individuation

Monick, Eugene                                  Phallos: Sacred Image of the Masculine

Nell, Renee                                           The Use of Dreams in Couple Counseling: A Jungian Perspective

Pretat, Jane                                           Coming to Age: The Croning Years and Late Life Transformation

Qualls-Corbett, Nancy                        Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine

Russack, Neil                                       Animal Guides

Schwartz-Salant, Nathan                   Narcissism and Character Transformation

Shalit, Erel                                             The Complex: Path of Transformation

Sharp, Darryl                                         Personality Types

Sharp, Darryl                                         Jung Lexicon: A Primer of Terms and Concepts

Sharp, Darryl                                         Jungian Psychology Unplugged

Sharp, Darryl                                         Digesting Jung: Food for the Journey

Stephenson Bond, D.                          The Archetype of Renewal

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    Redemption Motifs in Fairy Tales

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    On Divination & Synchronicity: The Psychology of Meaningful Chance

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    Alchemy: An Introduction

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    Archetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    C.G. Jung: His Myth in Our Time

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    The Cat: A Tale of Feminine Redemption

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    The Problem of the Puer Aeternus

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales

Von Franz, Marie Louise                    The Passion of Perpetua: A Psychological Interpretation of Her Visions

Yeoman, Ann                                        Now or Neverland: Peter Pan and the Myth of Eternal Youth

Young-Eisendrath, Polly                     Hags and Heroes: A Feminist Approach to Jungian Therapy with Couples


Notes on Borrowing

Only financial members may borrow from the library – a maximum of two books for a maximum period of two months.


Please call Marie on (07) 3371-1285 or send an email to the above address if you would like to come over and browse through the library or have any library books brought to one of our monthly meetings.






It is time to renew your membership for 2006 !!


Please fill out the membership renewal form inserted in this newsletter and mail it with your payment

Or hand it in at the next meeting.


Bulletin Board


The Bulletin Board briefly lists upcoming events that might be of interest to members. For fuller information, please contact the persons named.


If God Exists, How Come I Can’t Tell?

Eleven Week Course: Each Wednesday from
11:30 am to 1:00 pm, from 25 Jan to 5 April

University of the Third Age, Level 4 / 150 Edward St  Brisbane. Presenter: Robert Brown B. A., Dip. Ed.

Enrolment:  $25.00 plus $2.00 per week.
Phone:  3003 1490


Over the past 400 years, we in the West have radically altered our view of ourselves and our place in the world.  While this has benefited us in many ways, it has been at the expense of our spiritual awareness.
The course looks at the origins and history of our current world-view and the increasing influence, since the early twentieth century, of humanity’s ancient Wisdom tradition. With reference to: Early Human World-Views, Eastern and Western Mystics, Major Religious Traditions, Western Philosophy and Poetry
The course is particularly influenced by C. G. Jung, Ken Wilber and Frijof Capra

Painting the Inner Journey and Meeting the Twelve Archetypes


A six week series using art therapy techniques with Pamela Bouma. Beginning Thursday 16 February 2006 from 1 to 4 pm. and held at Stillpoint, 16 Grove St, Toowong.  $25 per session. Earlybird special:  $110 for 6 sessions if paid before 16 Feb. Tel: 3217 8992




Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts /

C. G. Jung Institute (ANZSJA / CGJI)




A new intake of trainee Jungian analysts will take place this year. Applications are due by 27 January.  For further information, see  (click on Training).


             Professional Development


The next CGJI / ANZSJA Professional development seminar will take place in Melbourne on 18 and 19 February, 2006.. Entitled “Symptoms, Symbols, Relationships, Transitions”, it is part of a series open to current practising clinicians from psychologically-informed disciplines and those who are interested in training in such disciplines.


For details see ANZSJA’s website at: (click on Events). Bookings can be arranged by emailing or calling Lenore Kulakauskas on (02) 9365 7750.  




The First Australian Sandplay Conference, Sydney, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October, 2006. Keynote speaker: Ruth Ammann (Jungian analyst, President, International Sandplay Therapist Association). For more information and to book, contact Lenore Kulakauskas on (02) 9365 7750







About the C.G. Jung Society of Queensland


The C.G. Jung Society of Queensland is committed to furthering awareness of and reflection upon the writings of the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). The Society promotes an understanding of Jung’s work through the exploration of its psychological and spiritual applications to the individual journey and interpersonal relationships, and by considering the ways in which Jung’s writings and ideas can contribute to the healing of modern society.


The Society does this through offering monthly presentations, occasional workshops and small groups, all of which are open to both members and non-members.  Monthly presentations are normally held at 7:30 pm on the first Thursday of each month, from February to December, at St Mary’s Church Hall, corner of Merivale and Peel Streets, South Brisbane. The venue is within walking distance of the South Bank bus station and South Brisbane station. Off-street parking is available in the churchyard.


Established in 1982, the Society is a non-profit and non-professional association.  The Society’s events are attended by people of all ages and all walks of life.


Members of the C.G. Jung Society of Queensland are entitled to:


             reduced admission fee to monthly presentations and workshops

             use of our library of Jungian books

             our quarterly newsletter


Annual membership costs $30 ( $20 concession/student/pension; $45 couples/family; $10 newsletter only)









C.G. Jung Society of Queensland - Committee for 2005


President                               Frank Coughlan                  3356 1127  

Membership Secretary      Anne Di Lauro                      3511 0167  

Committee Secretary         Monica Sharwood              3847 3077  

Treasurers                            Paul den Ronden               0407 691 875


                                               Janeil Smith                         5531 8340  

Events coordinator              Rob Brown                           3879 9499  

Publicity                                 Krystyna Soler                     3372 2379  

Librarian                               Marie Sinclair                      3371 1285  

Newsletter                             Anne Di Lauro                      3511 0167  

Committee member           Josephine Combe              5564 0051  

Committee member           Alexander Robb





C.G. Jung Society of Queensland, 74 Camp St., Toowong, Q 4066. Tel: 3371 1285



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